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Campo afuera

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Campo afuera (Out Into the Countryside) is the title of a tango written in 1939 by Homero Manzi. The music was composed by Rodolfo Biagi.




Rodolfo Biagi

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Homero Manzi

Seeking to forget, the poet gallops away from the woman who has hurt him, but keeps with him the certainty that she won’t be able to get rid of the memories nor of the pain of their failed love.


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Spanish: Campo afuera

Ya sé que me has olvidado,
ya sé que te fuiste lejos,
ya sé que con mis consejos
no te voy a enderezar.
Ya sé que no hay más destino
que abrir todas las tranqueras
y galopar campo afuera
para poder olvidar.

Ya ves,
me han dejado triste
tus ojos engañadores.
Ya ves,
coseché dolores
al arar tu soledad.
No sé
si al verme tan lejos
tendrás arrepentimientos.
No sé
pero lo presiento,
que al fin me vas a llorar.

Cuando palpité tu olvido,
cuando vi que estabas ida
quise amarrarte a mi vida
con un tiento de ilusión.
Y al comprender que eras otra,
que no eras mi compañera,
busqué rumbear campo afuera
para engañar el amor.

No quiero alardear de fuerte
diciendo que te he olvidado.
Sé que estarás a mi lado
caliente como un rencor.
Pero si existe el castigo
de recordar lo pasado,
ese castigo obligado
lo sufriremos los dos.

English: Out Into the Countryside

I already know you’ve forgotten me,
I already know you’ve gone far away,
I already know I won’t straighten you up
with my advice.
I already know there’s no other destiny
than to open all the gates
and gallop way out into the countryside
to forget.

You see,
your deceitful eyes
have left me sad.
You see,
I have harvested sorrows
by plowing your loneliness.
I don’t know
if you’ll have any regrets
when you see me so far away.
I don’t know,
but I have the feeling
you’ll end up crying over me.

When I sensed your oblivion,
when I saw you were already gone,
I tried to tie you to my life
with a strip of hope.
And when I understood you were someone else,
that you weren’t my partner,
I seeked to make my way deep into the countryside
to fool love.

I don’t want to brag a strength I don’t have
saying I have forgotten you.
I know you will be by my side,
burning like rancour.
But if the punishment
of remembering the past exists,
both you and I will suffer
that forced punishment.


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