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Callecita de mi barrio

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Callecita de mi barrio (Little Street from My Neighborhood) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Maroni. The music was composed by Alberto Laporte and Otelo Gasparini.



Alberto Laporte
Otelo Gasparini

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Maroni

The poet, with great sorrow, says goodbye to his old neighbourhood, remembering the good times spent there.


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Spanish: Callecita de mi barrio

Callecita de mi barrio,
cortada de mis amores,
la que en épocas mejores
fue la alegría mi único ideal.
Hoy, que me siento bacán
y ando a golpes con la suerte,
he vuelto aquí para verte,
cortada mía del arrabal.

Cuántas veces en mis noches
de tangos y copetines,
recordó la vida mía
los tiempos en que vivía
sin penas que chamuyar…
Y aunque estaba entre riquezas,
una nube de tristezas
me convidaba a llorar.

Las guitarras de los payadores
vuelcan todo su amor en las rejas
y en las casas del barrio, tan viejas,
hay un soplo de honda emoción.
Ya a la luz del farol compañero,
adivino en las sombras calladas
un rumor de caricias robadas
que llenan de ensueños a mi corazón.

Callecita de mi barrio,
para todos siempre amiga,
la luz del centro me obliga
a dejarte para mi mal.
Pero antes de la partida
y al campanearte serena,
me voy llorando de pena
cortada mía, de arrabal…

English: Little Street from My Neighbourhood

Little street from my neighbourhood,
beloved cortada;
in better days
happiness was my only ideal.
Today that I feel like a bacán
and go around fighting with luck,
I’ve come back to see you,
my dear arrabal street.

How many times, in my nights
of tangos and cocktails,
did my life recall
old times I lived
without any sorrows to chamuyar...
And even though I was surrounded by wealth,
a cloud of sadness
invited me to cry.

The payadores
pour all their love on the barred gates
and out of the neighbourhood’s houses, so old,
comes a sigh full of profound emotion.
To the light of this friendly street lamp
I can already guess among the quiet shadows
a rumour of stolen caresses
that fill my heart with reverie.

Little street from my neighbourhood,
always a friend to us all,
the downtown lights force me
to leave you, much to my grief.
But before my departure,
I look at you, so serene,
and I leave crying with sorrow,
cortada of mine, of the arrabal


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