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Calla corazón

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Calla corazón (Be Quiet, Heart) is the title of a tango written by Mario Rada. The music was composed by Enrique Delfino.




Enrique Delfino

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Mario Rada

Suffering for a lost love he can’t forget, the poet sings to his own heart, asking it to please be quiet and conceal with silence all of its pain.


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Spanish: Calla corazón

Quiero ahogarte en mi recuerdo,
sepultarte en el olvido,
no acordarme de que has sido
para mí luz y ternura.
Fundirte en la noche oscura
de mi olvido sin piedad,
reaccionar de mi locura
y borrándote de mi alma
ver si puedo hallar la calma.

¡Calla corazón
sangrante y triste,
sin fe ni bonanza!
Viento de traición
fue el que apagó
la luz de tu esperanza.
¿Para qué querés
seguir latiendo
sin paz ni alegría?
¡Calla de una vez
y a nadie digas
tu oculto dolor!

Como un manto de tristeza
la soledad gris y fría
va recubriendo mis días
y plateando mi cabeza.
Hoy ya tengo la certeza
de que nunca volverás;
y la angustia me atraviesa,
al pensar que te he querido,
y tan fácil te he perdido…

English: Be Quiet, Heart

I want to drown you in my memory,
bury you in oblivion,
not remember you have been
to me, light and tenderness.
Blend your image into the dark night
of my merciless forgetting,
wake up from my own madness
and, erasing you from my soul,
see if I can find peace.

Be quiet,
sad and bleeding heart,
without faith or fair skies!
It was a wind of betrayal
that put out
the light of your hope.
Why do you want
to keep on beating
without peace or joy?
Be quiet at once
and don’t tell anyone
of your hidden pain!

Like a cloak of sadness,
gray and cold loneliness
moves forward covering up my days
and silvering my head.
Today I know with certainty
you will never come back;
and so anguish pierces me,
to think that I have loved you
and so easily lost you…


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