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Acordándome de vos

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Acordándome de vos (Remembering You) is the title of a tango written by Enrique Dizeo. The music was composed by Aníbal Troilo.




Aníbal Troilo

Year of composition:


Lyrics writer(s):

Enrique Dizeo

From the distance of time and space, the sad, lonely poet longs for a lost love he can't forget.


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Spanish: Acordándome de vos

Recién pulsé la guitarra
con la intención de cantarte
el verso que te gustaba
y que hice para vos.
Y apenas pude empezarlo,
me ahogué en la primera parte
donde dice que no había
más amor que el de los dos.

Esto te prueba que el corazón
del que te extraña sabe sentir.
Tibio solcito de la mañana,
ando sin ganas ya de vivir.
Solo, es inútil, no puedo estar,
mi pensamiento te aprisionó,
si no te olvido ni hoy que estás lejos,
ni hoy que estoy viejo, qué sufro yo.

Estoy que no me conozco
muriéndome de tristeza,
entre las cuatro paredes
del pobre cuarto que ayer
brillaba por lo limpito
y hoy ni se pone la mesa,
porque falta la patrona
que se fue con mi querer.

English: Remembering You

I just plucked the guitar
with the intention of singing to you
that verse you liked
and that I wrote for you.
And I could barely begin,
I choked in the first part
where it says there wasn't
any other love than ours.

That proves to you that the heart
of the one who misses you, knows how to feel.
Warm morning sun,
I go around without any desire to live anymore.
Alone, it's useless, I can't be,
my thoughts have imprisoned you,
and if I can't forget you, not even today that you're away,
not today that I'm old, what am I suffering for?

I don't know myself
and am dying of sadness,
between the four walls
of the poor room that yesterday
shone for being so clean,
and today not even the table is set,
because the lady of the house is missing,
the one that left with my love.


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