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San Diego CA

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Your 24 Hour Plumber, Slab Leak Repair & Water Heater Repair. Iron can get into your water in several ways and one of the most common ways is when rust gets dislodged from water pipes which is why you may be wishing to avoid it. This can happen when pressure in the pipes changes, for example when water pipes are repaired or when water in the pipes is shut off and then turned back on again, thus finding its way into your water supply.

We value you as a customer, and by always treating our San Diego heating and air conditioning and plumbing clients with the integrity and the respect that they deserve, we've become the number one choice as a San Diego plumbing and HVAC services provider.

In fact, we are proud of our team of highly trained, courteous and professional plumbers who are ready to provide you with a breakdown of the needed services, repairs and costs once the free inspection is completed, allowing you to make an educated and informed decision before we start the job.

Our expert plumbers will clean and clear any drain in your residential or commercial property. Sump pumps turn on when the water reaches too high a level and dispose of the excess water through drainage pipes, usually connected to the plumbing system of a home or business.

Great company great service I used to work for them and I know the owner and he is a great person great plumber. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, our company has earned a strong reputation when it comes to providing reliable, efficient, and innovative service.

Has been consistently recognized and awarded by our clients and industry peers as a company that produces superior workmanship and timely job completion in a cost effective manner. Calls and messages may incur access fees from your mobile services provider.

We provide the whole range of plumbing services which may be required by a household, be it the bathroom or the kitchen plumbing or the installation of any plumbing equipment we do it all. Collins plumber san diego Plumbing has been a solid performer in the San Diego area for over 30 years, specializing in new construction and enjoys an excellent reputation for timely and competent job completion.