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A suerte y verdad

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A suerte y verdad (All to Chance) is the title of a tango written by Carlos Waiss in 1944. The music was composed by Carlos Parodi.




Carlos Parodi

Year of composition:



Lyrics writer(s):

Carlos Waiss

After an intense life, the disappointed poet comes to the sad conclusion that the world is unfair, and that illusion and happiness are destined to fail.


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Spanish: A suerte y verdad


English: All to Chance

I’ve lived intensely
and was made on the slope
down which dreams escape.
I’ve learnt that luck
doesn’t belong to the strong
and that time always
breaks in every hope
or else sends it rolling away.
Today I know all that,
all that and much more.

I carry in every wound
a defeated dream
that hammers without mercy.
Happiness departed
and these sorrows, so mine,
are of no interest to anyone else.
I go around loving and suffering,
feeling in my own flesh
how sad it is to go around living,
leaving all to chance.

I’ve seen many die down,
big men, experienced men,
some that were real men.
Today I know
the damnation of suffering
as well as the fortitude
necessary to drown with laughter
what the others will say.
Today I know all that,
all that and much more.


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